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Mediation is a voluntary dispute resolution process where one of our mediators will guide parties toward a mutual agreement involving the division of assets, parenting plans, and support payments. Mediation is often quicker and less stressful and costly compared to hiring separate lawyers.


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About Our Mediation Services

How Mediation Can Help You

Mediation is a proven and flexible dispute resolution process. Our mediator’s role is to act as a guide to assist both parties in working towards a resolution that works for them. Mediation assists with helping both sides to define goals and each other’s positions clearly, and to move towards a resolution in a compassionate and respectful manner.

Benefits of Mediation: 

  • Cost effective: packages are available, costs are clear and reasonable
  • Time efficient:  mediation can often be completed much quicker than court proceedings
  • Flexible:  can be done online or in person, you can meet together or individually, based on your needs
  • Preserves Relationships: especially beneficial for parties who will be co-parenting
  • Self-Directed: Unlike court where decisions about your family are made by a judge, no decisions are made unless you agree to them. You are in control.
  • Less stressful: litigation is often more adversarial and less collaborative
  • Confidential: mediators do not disclose any information discussed during the mediation process
  • Informal and Client Led: there are no formal rules that need to be adhered to as there is with litigation
  • Comprehensive and Customized: the mediation agreement can be as detailed and inclusive to fit each parties unique needs

What Sets Our Mediators Apart?

Our mediators are associate members with the Ontario Association of Family Mediators and are also Registered Psychotherapists. This unique combination of mediation and counselling training means you can expect our mediators to not only expertly guide you through negotiations, but also foster safety, respect, compassion and empathy throughout the process. Our mediators are bound to uphold the highest professional standards of practice in both mediation and promoting the mental wellbeing of the people they work with.

What You Can Expect From MyLife Mediators

  • Non-judgemental and neutral stance
  • Clear respectful communication
  • Quick response time to any of your questions from our mediators and our administrative team
  • Collaborative process
  • A space where you can feel heard, supported and validated

How Are MyLife Mediation Services Different?

We offer specialized Trauma-Informed mediation services. We understand that stress and previous trauma can be triggered during impactful life events such as separation and divorce. We are experienced in creating an atmosphere that prioritizes mental, emotional and physical safety for our clients. We assess for domestic violence and any risk of harm. Steps will always be taken to ensure each party feels safe during the mediation process. This can be accomplished by arriving and departing at staggered times, or participating in mediation via video from the comfort of your own home.

We offer tailored and customized solutions instead of a one-size-fits-all approach that meets your family’s unique needs. When creating parenting plans, we take time to get to know your children, their needs, strengths and challenges. We also take time to get to know each client and develop plans that will work in the “real world” for your family. We do not assume that one cookie cutter approach will fit for all families.  At the end of the process, you will be provided with a plan that is unique to you.

  • Trauma-Informed Mediation Services
  • We prioritize your emotional and physical safety throughout the mediation process
  • We get to know your family’s unique needs and provide customized solutions

Mediation Fees and Packages

No-Cost Consultations Available

  • Two 15 min phone consults (one with each party)
  • Select your preferred mediator to book your consultation online.
  • Contact our Client Care Specialist to arrange your consultation.

Core Package: $2800 plus HST

  • Additional hours will be billed at an hourly rate of $300 (plus HST) per hour
  • Fees due prior to intake sessions

Includes The Following

  • Two 90min Intake Sessions

    • This session is your opportunity to get to know the mediator and share with them your concerns, goals and family history.   The goal of this session is to establish trust and become very clear about what you would like to accomplish during the mediation process.     After this session, the mediator will meet with the other party and then a joint session will be scheduled once an agenda has been agreed upon.  Preferences for meeting in person or online, together or separately will also be determined.
  • Two 120min Joint Sessions (total of four hours)
  • A Detailed and Inclusive Mediation Agreement Which May Include:
    • Parenting Plan
      • this will include schedules for parenting time with each parent
      • how decision making is handled
      • vacation and holiday time
      • agreement to prioritize the needs of the child
      • how extra expenses for children’s needs are managed
      • child care, who the children can be left with
      • medical decision making
      • school decision making
      • extra curricular activities and costs
      • housing location and school zones
    • Support
      • child support
      • spoual support
      • extra expenses
    • Division of Property
      • matrimonial home
      • contents of home
      • vehicles
      • bank accounts
      • debt
      • credit cards
      • lines of credit
      • pensions
      • RRSPS
      • investment accounts
      • cottage

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