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Retirement – A Mindset

What does this mean for the big iceberg retirement is. We are so busy concentrating on the 10% financial side, we forget or do not realize that 90 % is below the surface, just like an iceberg. When we think of retirement, we think of financial planning. This is important. What is missing is the emotional and social components of this significant part of our lives. This is the plan or to-do list that runs out after 3 months of your retirement and then you are out of breath.

Retirement – A Mindset2024-07-02T13:39:34-05:00

Coping with End of Semester Burnout

Close to the end of the semester, we sometimes (usually) begin to feel burnt out. We feel exhausted, drained, and so tired of doing any schoolwork. We feel unmotivated, guilty, and frustrated. Learn how to identify the signs of student burn-out and active steps you can take to regain your motivation.

Coping with End of Semester Burnout2022-04-04T18:55:34-05:00
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