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We provide counselling for children and youth in Guelph for such issues as anxiety, anger, separation/divorce, and behavioural challenges. Counselling can help your child develop new coping skills, improve their self-esteem, and enhance their relationship with friends and family.


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Counselling For Children Helps By…

Children’s therapy provides your child a safe place to start exploring and making sense of feelings they might have a hard time putting into words. Children’s lives can be full of anxiety, uncertainty, and helplessness. They experience stress in ways that can sometimes be difficult for adults to understand. This is where our child therapists can help. Using a variety of child specific therapies such as art, sand tray work, and body movement, your child will begin to learn new ways to identify and express what they’re feeling. Our child therapists will also help them learn new and more effective ways of dealing with challenges in their lives.

  • Trust that your child is in experienced and caring hands.
  • Learn how to be a support to your child as they work through their issues.
  • See your child learn new skills and ways of dealing with challenges in their lives.  

Assessing Your Child: Getting At the Root Cause

An important part of counselling for children involves doing a comprehensive assessment of your child’s issues. Are they struggling at home, at school, or with only certain peers? Are they showing signs of learning challenges, mental health, or developmental issues? Getting counselling for your child is a first step in understanding what might be underlying your child’s symptoms and behaviours. From here, our child and youth counsellors can address the underlying cause and also recommend more in-depth assessments with professionals in the community when necessary.

  • Address the underlying cause of your child’s behaviour.
  • Learn more about your child’s unique needs and how to meet them.
  • Help your child identify their strengths and challenges.

Parenting Support

Children often improve faster in counselling when parents become active participants. This could mean meeting with your child’s therapist one-on-one and learning about your child’s needs and ways to support them. Our child therapists can also help improve your relationship with your child by meeting with both of you and working on improving communication and attachment.

  • Meet one-on-one with your child’s therapist and learn new parenting strategies.
  • Learn better ways to attune and communicate with your child.
  • Meet together with your child and work on common goals.

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