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We provide a variety of coaching packages in Guelph including life coaching, business coaching, leadership coaching, and retirement coaching. Coaching can help you define what success means for you and our coaches will work side-by-side to help you achieve it.


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Coaching Can Help You With…

Our coaching services can help you succeed in many parts of your life. Click here to understand the difference between counselling, psychotherapy, and coaching.

  • Financial Coaching: Improve your money mindset, budgeting, spending habits, and how to stay out of debt.
  • Business Coaching: Develop your business plan, identify your mission and vision, learn the skills and habits of a successful entrepreneur.
  • Life Coaching: Increase your productivity and focus, time management, communication, work through career and relationship changes, find your purpose, passion, and meaning in life.
  • Leadership Coaching: Refine your leadership style, inspire your employees, help bring positive change to your organization.
  • Retirement Coaching: Build your identity and self-worth outside of work, develop healthy habits and relationships, get financially savvy, discover your new purpose and focus in life as you age.

Coaching Helps By…

Our Coaches want to get you “unstuck.” It is about action and results. It is about accountability and wins. Coaching helps you clarify goals, identify obstacles, and create action plans. Coaching is all about accepting the present as it stands and moving towards the future of a completed goal or end zone.

  • Unlock your mindset and expand your view of what’s possible in your life.
  • Overcome the beliefs that are holding you back from realizing your goals.
  • Increase your self-confidence by recognizing your strengths and using them to reach your goals.

Coaching Will Help You Succeed…

Coaching will help you focus better on your goals, build better habits, and help you realize your dreams with confidence and joy. Our Coaches will hold you accountable to your actions so that you stay on-track and see results. Coaching is about learning how to establish your very own idea of success and sticking to the plan that will get you right where you want to be.

  • Learn how to develop the skills and habits that will help you succeed.
  • Stay on track, accountable, and moving forward towards your goals.
  • Bounce back from your setbacks and carry the learning forward.

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