Family Counselling in Guelph

Family Counselling Guelph
MyLife Counselling offers family counselling in Guelph for such issues as separation, divorce, co-parenting, and conflict resolution between family members. Meet one-on-one or as a family unit with our family counsellors today. Learn better ways to communicate and improve your family life.


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About Family Counselling

Who is Family Counsellor For?

Family therapy can help you and your loved ones better understand and support each other. A family is a group of people who care about each other and can include your children, parents, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, and other caregivers. Family counselling is especially helpful if your family is feeling overwhelmed, stressed, grieving, or angry and are uncertain about how move ahead. Challenging family issues can include:

  • Family members experiencing illness, mental illness, substance use problems.
  • Changes related to death, trauma, moving, and unemployment.
  • Adjusting to separation and divorce and co-parenting effectively.

How Does Family Counselling Work?

Our family counsellors first create a safe space where your family members can bring up difficult emotions. If one of your family members is impacting another, then the goal is to learn how to communicate these feelings in a productive way. When each person feels heard and understood, your family members can start building healthier relationships based on empathy and mutual respect. Our family counsellors will:

  • Help your family stop blaming each other.
  • Explore the impact everyone’s words and behaviours have on each other.
  • Create common goals for the family to work together on.

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