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Walk and Talk Therapy is a form of psychotherapy that incorporates walking outdoors while talking about similar issues that you might discuss in your therapist’s office.


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How Can Walk & Talk Therapy Help You?…

Walk and Talk Therapy can be helpful in the following ways:

  • Promotes Relaxation: Engaging in therapy in outdoor environments can promote greater relaxation and peace-of-mind compared to an office. This can be especially helpful when dealing with issues such as stress and anxiety.
  • Boost Energy & Focus: Walking increases blood flow to the brain which can increase your sense of energy, focus, flow and motivation which is especially helpful when working through difficult issues in therapy such as symptoms of depression.
  • Increases Self-Expression: Talking about difficult issues can sometimes be easier when engaging in a more casual activity and environments. Some people also report feeling more at-ease walking side-by-side with their therapist compared to facing forward and under direct eye contact. This can be especially helpful when working through issues that involve feelings of guilt and shame.

Is Walk & Talk Therapy Right For You?

Walk and Talk Therapy is a specialized service offered by a few select therapists at MyLife (see the current list of therapists above). If you think you’d benefit from this service, discuss it with with your therapist directly to explore in depth if it’s suitable for you. Walk and Talk Therapy is generally best suited for individuals (12+) and not suitable for couples or family counselling.

  • Ask your therapist if Walk and Talk Therapy is an option for you.

How To Prepare for Walk & Talk Therapy…

Any new clients must start with at least one in-office session prior to beginning Walk and Talk Therapy. The in-office session is so that you and your therapist have an appropriate setting to complete consent forms, intake paperwork, and to get to know one another more. From there, you can discuss Walk and Talk therapy with your therapist and explore if it would be a good fit for you.

Ready to Walk and Talk? Remember the Following: 

  • Wear comfortable exercise clothes and running or hiking shoes.
  • Consider sunglasses, a hat, bug repellant, and sunscreen to protect from the elements!
  • If the forecast the day before or morning of your scheduled session is predicting rain, your therapist will work with you to reschedule your appointment to a more appropriate date and time or consider an in-office appointment. 
  • If it begins to rain during your session, you have the option to continue, end the session early or return to the office.

Where Do Walk & Talk Therapy Session Take Place?

Walk and Talk Therapy at MyLife tends to take place in the parks and streets around downtown Guelph. Your therapist will review a map with you prior to your appointment.

Is Walk and Talk Therapy Considered Exercise?

While movement may be a benefit to clients physically, the focus is not about exercise. It’s important to remember that people who choose Walk & Talk Therapy take full responsibility for their medical and physical well-being during each session, and will let their therapist know if walking becomes difficult or if the pace is too fast or slow.

How Confidential Is Walk & Talk Therapy?

Being out in public involves some limits to confidentiality, including the possibility that other people may hear parts of our conversation. Your therapist will do everything that they can to protect your confidentiality. If you choose to participate in Walk and Talk Therapy, you and your therapist will discuss any concerns and how you would prefer to handle potential risks to confidentiality. You can always change your mind at any point in the session and can return to the office.

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