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Roblynn Hunnisett, Certified Coach, MBA

Roblynn Hunnisett

Populations Served: Adults (16+)
Services: Coaching
Focus: Life Coaching, Business Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Retirement Coaching 
Languages Spoken: English

About Roblynn Hunnisett

Roblynn has been a consultant and innovator life coach since 2006, working with individuals and families. Through her Self-Motivation Bootcamp, she has worked with management and leaders in different industries to achieve meaningful and sustainable change for themselves and their industries. Roblynn’s most recent accomplishments have been an MBA from Rotman School of Management and an Applied Psychology degree with focus on Family-Child Trauma through the Arizona Trauma Institute.

Roblynn has started three successful businesses over the years and written two books with another currently in progress. She has been public speaking for almost 30 years with “The Music Within You, “ along with three other talks developed along the way. She has developed workshops on networking, goal setting, vision, and mission statements and grief management for parents who have lost their children (under 6).

Roblynn has a holistic approach to her coaching method. She helps you find answers, find solutions, and create possibilities to move forward in the area you want coaching. You are whole, complete, and resourceful and Roblynn coaches you by seeing and by acknowledging this forte.

Coaching is about discovering yourself, finding direction and finding joy in who you are and what you do. We all have a light within us, a great coach will help you reach each milestone, one at a time. Coaching is about accountability, forward action, and goal achievement.

Over the years, Roblynn has sat on several boards of directors, including the Fredericton Foster Parent Association and Canadian Society of Professional Event Planners. Although, she has taken a break from being on board of directors, she remains on executive teams for 2 not-for-profit organizations in Guelph.
When Roblynn is not working and helping others, you will find her enthusiastically living a joy filled life with her many varied hobbies and talents.

When she isn’t plotting new story lines, acting, reading, or cooking, you’ll find her trying to learn dance steps or walking along the trails. Travelling is a passion for her and she seizes every opportunity to expand her horizons. Her family and friends are important to her life and shapes how she lives it.

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