Contact Our Counsellors & Coaches

If you would like to contact your counsellor directly, feel free to email or call them directly using their extension below. Our counsellors are often busy in session and will try to respond to your message within 24 hours. Please contact our Customer Care Specialist if you have any difficulties reaching your counsellor and we will be sure to promptly address your questions or concerns. Please call 1-800-828-9484 and enter the corresponding extension below.

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Staff Directory Email Phone Extension
Roblynn Hunnisett, Client Care Specialist 100
Leanne Wagner, Registered Psychological Assoc. #5386 100
Mark Nixon, RP, Clinical Director 101
Eve Tesluk, RP, Co-Director 102
Mandy Cunnington, RP 103
Katherine Chung, RP 104
Victoria Bonanno, RSW 105
Alessia Morrell, RP 106
Pauline Peters, RP 107
Leandro Bastos, RP 108
Katherine Schmidt, RP 109
Alyssa Durison, MA (Qualifying) 110
Emily Hansen, RP 111
Deb McNally, RSW 113
Erin Barr, RP 114
Melissa Malcolm, RP 116
Chris Cebulski, MA 117
Roblynn Hunnisett, MBA, Coach 118
Marina Daif, RP (Qualifying) 119
Cam Henderson, RP (Qualifying) 120
Amelia Doma, RP 121
Debbie Callahan, RSW 122
Alexander Maclean, RP (Qualifying) 123
Regina Markle, RSW 124
Denise Moore, RP 125
Emily Markes, RP (Qualifying) 126
Lydia Forge, RSW 127
Taylor Wark, RP 128
Nick Law, RP (Qualifying) 129
Stephanie Koutsoulianos, RP (Qualifying) 131
Paula Eagles, RP 133
Landen Dobsi, RP (Qualifying) 134
Thomas Wright, RP (Qualifying) 135
Sandra Karlin, RP (Qualifying) 136
Stuart Cameron, RSW 139
Lauren McGinty, RP (Qualifying) 140
Alia Zeisman, RP (Qualifying) 141
Meg Miller, RSW 142
Jenn Greenwood, RP (Qualifying) 143
Emily Barrie, RP (Qualifying) 144
Nicole Walker, RP (Qualifying) 145
Katelyn Mackay, RP (Qualifying) 146