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We provide online counselling and virtual therapists who specialize in providing quality psychotherapy services remotely across Ontario. Online counselling is a convenient and confidential way for you and your therapist to meet online and from the comfort of your own home.


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About Online Counselling

Online Counselling Helps By…

Our online counselling services are the same as our individual services, couple’s counselling services, and family counselling services. They are just delivered remotely. Online counselling simply uses the internet to allow clients access to psychotherapy with a therapist from any location and device of their choice. In many cases, remote therapy can be just as effective as in-person.

  • Gain the convenience of meeting your counsellor from the comfort of your own home.
  • Avoid the hassle of travel by meeting your therapist online. 
  • Travelling for work? Get the support you need on the road with online counselling. 

Who Is Online Counselling For?

Online Counselling is for individuals, couples, or families who prefer the convenience associated with meeting remotely or if you don’t have access to in-person psychotherapy in your area. There are many benefits associated with online counselling and, for some people, these benefits outweigh not meeting in-person.

  • Meeting online can increase your sense of safety and comfort and help you share your experiences more openly. 
  • Online counselling can increase your anonymity and privacy by avoiding the waiting room.
  • Get access to counselling even if you live in rural or remote areas.

How Does Online Counselling Work?

Online Counselling often refers to video-to-video online meetings which are like a “Facetime” or a “Zoom call.” An internet connection and some form of software is required for a remote therapy session to take place. Video is not a necessity, as some people prefer using just voice for their therapy sessions. Online or remote therapy can also include conducting your session using a regular telephone connection.

MyLife Counselling uses the software for secure virtual therapy sessions. This software also allows you to test your connection is working prior to your session.

  • All you need is a computer, laptop, or a smartphone and a stable internet connection to start your online counselling session. 
  • You’ll receive a secure link to start your online counselling session with your MyLife Counsellor.
  • Your video/audio is encrypted to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of your session. 

How To Improve Your Online Counselling Experience

Our online counsellors ensure their equipment and office is setup to provide you with a professional remote therapy experience. There are steps we recommend that you can take to further increases the chance of having a positive online counselling session.

Tip One: Plug Your Computer Directly Into Your Router or Modem

A stable internet connection is the most important factor in providing a quality online counselling experience. Speed is less of an issue since most basic internet service packages provide sufficient bandwidth for a video-to-video call. By plugging your computer directly into your modem or router via an ethernet cable, this reduces the chances of interference that can disrupt your connection.

  • Plug your device directly to your router or modem via an ethernet cable to increase the stability of your connection.

Tip Two: Use Headphones

We recommend you use headphones instead of your device’s speaker. Using wired headphones or bluetooth connection headphones will prevent your therapist’s voice from “echoing” on your end. This helps you and your online counsellor understand each other more clearly.

  • Use a wired or wireless headset to reduce distractions, increase privacy, and avoid echo.  

Tip Three: Test Your Connection Ahead Of Time

Since MyLife Counselling uses the platform, it is recommended to use the Google Chrome browser when logging into your Jane account and beginning a remote session. You can also “test out” your session prior to the actual start time using This is recommended to ensure you’ve selected the right microphone and camera when starting your session.

  • Login to your Jane Account ahead of time and test your connection to ensure everything works prior to your appointment. 

Need Extra Troubleshooting Help?

For more details and FAQs using for virtual therapy sessions, you can refer to their helpful resource here with more information.

Online Booking Advantages

Choose your own counsellor, date, and time – get instant confirmation.

Accessible 24/7 – no waiting or phone/email tag.

Complete your intake and consent forms securely online prior to your session.

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