Coaches Do Not Treat Mental Illness

If you’re experiencing symptoms of anxiety, depression or other disorders of mood or cognition that impair your ability to function in your life, our Coaches will refer you to a qualified professional such as a Registered Psychotherapist or Registered Social Worker. Once those issues are resolved, our Coaches can resume their coaching with you.

Coaches Have a Present and Future Focus vs a Past Focus

Our Coaches focus more on your present challenges and future goals instead of exploring your past. Psychotherapy tends to have a broader lens which may include exploring your past and your present to better understand your present self. Coaching focuses less on explaining why you do what you do and instead focuses more on practical strategies that can help you reach your identified goals.

Payment Differences and Insurance Coverage

Coaching is usually not covered under extended health insurance plans since the focus is not on treatment mental health issues. Coaching may also involve paying for a group of sessions in advance in the form of “packages.” Our therapists only charge hourly.

Accreditation & Licensing

A Coach does not need to be licensed to legally provide coaching services, although our Coaches have specialized education, certification, and training to provide you with the most effective help. Our Psychotherapists and Social Workers must belong to a licensing regulating college to legally provide the Controlled Act of Psychotherapy.