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Post-Pandemic Relationship Repair

Now that we are moving towards the recovery side of the pandemic, psychological pandemic impacts affecting all facets of life are coming to light. The statistics are staggering. The Lancet Medical Journal published a study on the global prevalence of increased depression and anxiety disorders in 204 countries and territories in 2020 due to the Covid pandemic. Women and younger people were more impacted as compared to men and older adults.

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Filling up the Love Tank

February is generally known as the “Love” month. For many who are engaged in love relationships and commitments, this month, and particularly February 14th can be a time of angst, sadness or loneliness due to struggles, challenges or disconnect in the relationship. Relationships, because they are a complex dynamic of two very different individuals with varying experiences, beliefs and history, can be frustrating. Two individuals trying to function as one unit, while at the same time, striving to maintain individual autonomy, can be perplexing at the best of times, and even more so when times are strained.

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Connect 4: The Power of Connection

Milton Bradley first released the game, Connect 4, in 1974. This is a two player game in which players drop coloured discs into a suspended grid with the strategy of connecting 4 of their own colors diagonally, horizontally or vertically, while at the same time trying to block their opponent from doing the same. The first player to connect 4 of their colors wins the game. (Wikipedia). Thinking about this game recently reminded me of the “wins” that can occur when we have social and human connection.

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How to Acknowledge Grief

Whether you call it coping skills, self-care, relaxation, stress relief, bucket filling or something else, everyone has coping strategies. One theme I have noticed recently with my clients is that some of our key coping strategies are no longer working. You may notice that some particular global events outside of our control are causing more stress for many of us (I’m referring to the pandemic!).

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