Emily Hansen

How to Build The Best Coping Skills Inventory (For You!)

Whether you call it coping skills, self-care, relaxation, stress relief, bucket filling or something else, everyone has coping strategies. One theme I have noticed recently with my clients is that some of our key coping strategies are no longer working. You may notice that some particular global events outside of our control are causing more stress for many of us (I’m referring to the pandemic!).

How to Build The Best Coping Skills Inventory (For You!)2022-04-04T19:51:13-05:00

Pandemic Culture: A Psychotherapist’s Observations

Being a psychotherapist during the COVID pandemic has been an interesting (and difficult) experience. I have often joked with my clients during this past year and a half that I feel like a researcher in the field because I am experiencing the emotional shifts and responses to the pandemic with my clients as they are happening.

Pandemic Culture: A Psychotherapist’s Observations2022-04-04T18:56:54-05:00
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