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Work-Life Balance: A Series – Part Two

In the first part of this work-life balance series, which you can read here, I discussed what work-life balance is, the pandemic’s impact on that balance, and the risks of long-term imbalance. In this second part, I will be sharing techniques to develop a work-life balance for different situations specifically boundaries, lack of separation from work, or lack of fulfillment.

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Work-Life Balance: A Series – Part One

Having a work-life balance is something often talked about as not taking work home with you, not doing work during unpaid time outside of work hours, using your vacation time, and taking breaks. Some professions have always demanded a lot from employees and come with higher risk levels of burnout, job dissatisfaction, and turnover. More recently, other professions have been affected by the shift in working from home that happened during the pandemic which disrupted routines and boundaries. In response to the blurred work boundaries during the pandemic, the Ontario government has implemented a new law in the past year giving employees the right to disconnect from work emails and calls outside of work. In fact, there is so much more to creating a work-life balance than just this.

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Free Virtual Drug and Alcohol Addiction Resources

As a mental health professional who has worked for over six years in various capacities with individuals experiencing substance use issues and addiction, I often hear from clients how they experience loneliness. Sometimes the lifestyle that comes with excessive drug or alcohol use can lead to breakdown of relationships with family, friends, or loved ones, but sometimes stigma and lack of understanding from society further creates isolation. Some individuals have reported that they use substances to cope with feeling misunderstood and lonely, while others have said that they have felt increasingly lonely once their substance use increased (Ingram et al., 2020).

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