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MyLife is pleased to announce our collaboration with Naomi Law, The Mental Health Nutritionist and we are delighted for her to be offering In-Person Holistic Nutritional Counselling Sessions here at our Surrey Street location in Guelph, Ontario.


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About Our Nutritional Counselling Services

How Nutritional Counselling Supports Mental Health

Nutritional Counselling provides insightful guidance & sustainable steps that are crucial to making progress towards optimal mental health by…

Nurturing Your Brain Health

Certain nutrients play a crucial role in the production of neurotransmitters, the chemicals responsible for regulating mood. By optimising your nutrition, you support the healthy functioning of your brain and ease the symptoms of anxiety & depression caused by nutritional deficiencies.

Managing Stress

Stress is mentally exhausting & also creates physical pain (such as headaches, digestive issues, & muscle tension.) Nutrition & lifestyle strategies can reduce physical inflammation and support your brain’s stress response, so you feel more balanced & less stressed.

Boosting Energy and Focus

Struggling with low energy, brain fog, or difficulty concentrating? Your digestive function plays a critical role in mental clarity so don’t overlook what’s going on in your gut!! Holistic Nutritional Counselling explains how your body systems & symptoms are connected, plus how to nurture yourself to have the mental clarity and physical vitality you need to thrive.

Top 3 Reasons People Seek Nutritional Counselling for Physical Health Concerns

Weight Management

Weight fluctuations are a symptom of an underlying issue, not the root issue itself & Nutritional Counselling focuses on optimal overall health by…

  • Exploring imbalances causing weight fluctuations
  • Understanding your nutritional needs & meal plans with foods you love!
  • Implementing sustainable lifestyle habits
  • Breaking free from calorie counting and stop trusting the scale

…Enabling your body to rebalance and your mind to rebuild self-confidence!

Digestive Health

Digestive issues like bloating, gas, reflux, or unpleasant bowel movements signal a need for nutritional support including addressing the symptoms of anxiety that often accompany, or even cause, the GI issues. This doesn’t have to mean eliminating foods, but it does require nurturing the Gut-Brain connection for improved physical & mental well-being.

Chronic Health Conditions

Whether you have diabetes, heart disease, or another long standing medical condition, if you haven’t fully explored the role nutrition plays in your specific scenario -including how optimal nutrition can reduce the side effects of necessary medications- now is the time to seek nutritional guidance tailored to your needs, to help you feel your best!

Optimal Wellness is a Holistic Experience, Encompassing
Your Physical & Mental Health!

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