2SLGBTQIA+, Trans & Non-Binary Counselling in Guelph

Whether you are trying to figure out your sexual orientation or gender identity, or you are looking for non-judgmental help with other issues, our counsellors can help you. We are experienced in serving members of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community.


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2SLGBTQIA+:  Issues We Can Help You With…

We recognize that you are not defined by the problems you are experiencing, and we take great pride in affirming your identity, however that looks. Below are examples of the types of issues we can help you with:

  • Gender Identity & Dysphoria: We can help you explore your gender identity and your relationship with your body. We are also happy to provide support and resources if you are interested in medical and/or social transition.
  • Bullying and Discrimination: You may be experiencing discrimination at school, within your family, or in the workplace. We can help you navigate the challenges in ways that affirm your identity.
  • Coming Out: Whether you are coming out to yourself, your family and friends, or significant others, we are here for you. We can explore the difficulties and the joys that come with embracing a queer and/or trans identity.
  • Relationships: You may be single or in a relationship while navigating a new gender identity and/or sexual orientation. You might also be interested in exploring different relationship styles, like polyamory. It may feel overwhelming to juggle a new identity and the needs of partners. We can help you and your partners feel at home with each other, and communicate better.

2SLGBTQIA+:  How We Will Support You…

We recognize how hard it is to reach out for help if you are from a group that is often misunderstood. Our therapists have been carefully selected to ensure they:

  • Are 2SLGBTQIA+ positive in their training and outlook: We have therapists on staff who have lived experience of being 2SLGBTQIA+ and training in affirmative therapies. We understand the challenges you face and we will work with you from where you stand.
  • Prioritize your safety: Allowing you to feel safe is the first priority. We will work with you to ensure that you can share how you’re feeling about your life and your relationship with us.
  • Respect your boundaries: Informed consent has always been part of the therapeutic relationship. If we ever cross your boundaries and make you feel uncomfortable, please tell us. We also understand that your name and pronouns may change while we work together and we will honour that.

2SLGBTQIA+:  How Counselling Can Help You…

As you begin to understand yourself better, you may experience a variety of emotions including confusion, relief, and joy. Whatever arises, our counsellors are experienced in acknowledging and celebrating your journey.

  • Gain new self-awareness and confidence in who you are: Understanding who you are can be challenging, but also joyous. We will celebrate it with you. It may also bring about the ability to tackle other issues that are new or longstanding. We look forward to supporting you in the ways that meet your needs, and we recognize that understanding oneself is a lifelong process.
  • Replace a sense of shame with a sense of pride and self-acceptance: In the past, it may have been difficult for you to embrace who you are. We will support you to follow your own truth and feel pride in who you are, whatever that looks like.
  • Learn how to build healthy relationships with family, friends, and your community: As your sense of self changes, we want to help you build the relationships that you want with the people who are close to you and the wider world. We will give you the tools you need to improve communication and trust.

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