Our services can be covered under most health insurance plans that cover the services of a Registered Psychotherapist, Registered Social Worker, or a Registered Psychologist. It is your responsibility to call your insurance provider prior to your first session to determine the details of your coverage. Questions you can ask your insurance provider include:

  • Do they cover Registered Psychotherapists or Registered Social Workers?
  • Do they cover a therapist **supervised** by a Registered Psychologist? *
  • What is the total amount of coverage you have left for the year (e.g., $500/year).
  • How much is covered per session (e.g., 100%, up to a certain amount, etc.).
  • What details are required on the receipt?
  • Are your family members included in the coverage?
  • Is a physician’s referral/note required?

When choosing your counsellor from our centre, please ensure you’ve picked a counsellor with the credentials your insurance provider will cover (i.e., Registered Psychotherapist or a Registered Social Worker). See our counsellors’ website profiles for details or contact us anytime for further clarification.

If your provider only covers a Registered Psychologist, then ask if they will cover services of a qualified professional who is supervised by a Registered Psychologist. Most of our counsellors (excluding intern counsellors) are supervised by a Registered Psychological Associate (Leanne Wagner).

* Check our counsellors’ web profiles to see if your selected counsellor is listed as “Eligible for Plans Requiring a Psychologist” in their “Insurance Info” section.

Note: Insurance claims that are rejected are not refundable nor can they be retroactively changed to a Psychologist should one be required for coverage. It is therefore important to clarify coverage ahead of time.

These details can be very confusing and so please do not hesitate to contact us any time with the information you’ve collected from your health insurance company and we would be happy to match you with the appropriate counsellor or further explain the process.