Although our mediators are Registered Psychotherapists, their objective in mediation is to focus on conflict resolution, not therapy.  Some clients may find that the process of mediation is also therapeutic as it can lead to a positive outcome of issues that have been contentious for a long time. However, the primary goal of mediation is not psychological change.
  • Your mediator will focus on conflict management goal setting and respectful negotiation strategies. Mediation focuses on making choices that will create a positive future for the clients, and is less concerned with what has happened in the past.
  • Mediation is more structured than therapy with clear objectives set out by both parties at the beginning of the process.  Your mediator will continue to re-focus each session on the agreed upon agenda.
  • Therapy can be used to explore a limitless variety of topics, whereas mediation is focused on legal issues relating to children, support and division of property during a separation or divorce.
  • Mediation may trigger intense emotions such as sadness, anger and grief.  Your mediator will be able to refer you to appropriate supports for managing these emotions if necessary.