COVID-19: Keeping You Safe

We have put in place the following health and safety protocols to help keep you, our counsellors, and everyone’s families as safe as possible during in-person visits to our office.

General Infection Control Policies & Procedures

  • Our waiting room is closed to minimize unnecessary close physical proximity.
  • Clients are asked to wait outside the rear entrance of the building until 5 min prior to their scheduled appointments. Our counsellors escort clients directly to their offices and open and close all doors for them to avoid high touch surfaces.
  • Clients are pre-screened for COVID-19 symptoms and offered telecounselling options should they present at risk.
  • General office sanitation has been enhanced.
  • Clients are asked to use their own restrooms before entering the building to help minimize the risk of contamination. Restrooms are still available for emergencies only.

Staff Policies

  • Our counsellors and staff screen themselves daily and refrain from entering our offices should they display any signs, symptoms, or known exposure to COVID-19.
  • Should any counsellor have traveled outside the country, they are to self-isolate for 14 days prior to returning to seeing clients in-person.
  • Any counsellor showing signs of illness at the office will remove themselves immediately and notify our Clinical Director.
  • All our counsellors are supported in providing services remotely via telephone and telecounselling should the risk be too high for in-person services.
  • Counsellors refrain from touching clients (e.g., handshakes, hugs, etc.) or sharing any physical items.
  • All socializing takes place outside with adequate social distancing.
  • Staff keep to a single office during their shift to lessen the risk of cross contamination.

Masks & Hand Sanitizer

  • All staff and counsellors wear masks upon entering the office.
  • All clients and anyone with them are required to wear masks when entering our offices.
  • Extra masks are available should clients or staff forget their own.
  • Hand sanitizer is provided at all entrances, exits, and individual offices.

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